Sunset Campfire Wrap up

Many thanks to all the people who were able to attend our last Summer Sunset Campfire for the 2010 season. We had a great turnout of eager participants who sang songs, learned about the Los Angeles River, and of course munched on many a roasted marshmallow. Campfires will resume in April of 2011, but until then keep checking the blog for other fun upcoming events.

The campfire begins

Playing a game of Name That Animal!

Passing out marshmallows

Roasting marshmallows over the campfire

Our Next Sunset Campfire, 3 Weeks From Today!

Our next Sunset Campfire on Sept. 18 at 6:30pm here at LASHP

Well as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end, or in the case a seven month hiatus. Yes indeed, come out September 18th at 6:30pm for our last Summer Sunset Campfire of the 2010 season. Not to worry though because Sunset Campfires will return in April 2011, but until then, make sure you come out to our final campfire for the 2010 season to satiate your need for local history and roasted marshmallows.

Like always we will be meeting in the center of Los Angeles State Historic Park at 6:30pm. Feel free to come early and bring a picnic dinner to enjoy in the park prior to the start of the campfire. We will sing songs, learn about the nature and history that surrounds us and of course we will be roasting marshmallows. If you have any questions email Thomas at or give him a call at (three two three) 441-8819. And of course, this event to free and fun for the whole family.

Thanks For Coming To The Campfire

Here are some photos from last Saturday night.

Getting tuned up for a campfire sing-a-long
Getting tuned up for a campfire sing-a-long


Everyone is learning about the Zanja Madre

Getting ready for the marshmallow roast

Sunset Campfire!

One week from today, we will be having our August Sunset Campfire and its shaping up to be tons of fun for the whole family. Our archeological dig is still in full force, so we will be talking about that, singing songs, and of course, roasting marshmallows. So come out on August 21st, at 6:30pm, and meet in the center of the park. This event is free and open to the public and bring a picnic dinner along if you like. Contact Thomas at (three two three) 441-8819 with any questions. Hope to see you there.

May 22nd Sunset Campfire!

Come join park staff for our second Summer Sunset Campfire! We will be learning about animals, roasting marshmallows, and just having a good time. Bring the whole family and picnic dinner and enjoy the sunset as it sets behind the downtown skyline. The campfire is happening on May 22nd at 6:30pm here at LA State Historic Park. If you have any questions, call Thomas at (323) 441-8819. Hope to see you there!

What A Great Sunset Campfire!

In case you missed it, we had a great Sunset Campfire over the weekend. Wild Works brought numerous amazing animals that they rescued and resuscitated and of course the night ended with a marshmallow roast. Thanks very much to everyone who came out and you can look forward to our next campfire on the May 22nd.

Getting the campfire started...
Getting the campfire started...

Time for the puppet show!

Mollie of Wild Works and her assistant show us snakes

After that we saw a Red-Tailed Hawk and an American Kestrel

Mollie's Assistant and a beautiful Barn Owl.

A Red Fox surveys the park.

All photographs by Keleigh Apperson

Our First Sunset Campfire Of The Season!

That’s right, our Sunset Campfires are starting up again, with our first one of the summer happening on April 24th. In case you have never been to a Sunset Campfire at Los Angeles State Historic Park, you are in for quite a treat. Park staff roll out a portable fire pit, talk about the history of the park or maybe animals that live near by and at the end everyone roasts marshmallows over the campfire. Not only that but you get to watch the sun set behind the a dramatic downtown skyline. Best of all, it is free and makes for a fun evening event for the whole family! The first Sunset Campfire is happening on April 24th at 6:30pm and will taking place in the center of the park right by the parking lot. They only thing your family needs to bring is a blanket.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Thomas at (three two three) 441-8819

How to Start a Campfire

[vimeo 6740517]

Things are gearing up for the Sunset Campfire

That's a 180 marshmallows!
That's 180 marshmallows!

Well in case you haven’t heard the news, we are quite excited about the Sunset Campfire happening here at L.A. State Historic Park this weekend. We are anticipating a large crowd to come out and see all that we have to offer; including a puupet show, a marshmallow roast, and real native animals presented by Wildworks. All that in front of a real campfire. If you have any questions call Thomas at (323) 441 – eight eight one nine

We Love Urban Campfires!

No, not the gritty kind one finds under bridges and behind dumpsters, but the California State Parks variety with city skyline, marshmallows, and power point. LASHP began the Sunset Campfire program in November of 2008 as the culmination of previous year’s “Virtual Campfire” program. The Virtual Campfire program brought State Parks and its award winning Interpretive Team to the most urban of settings, elementary schools in and around Los Angeles. Now, the kids are coming to us as the Campfire really heats up against the backdrop of downtown Los Angeles.

Old-fashioned fun
Old-fashioned fun

This past Saturday, Park Interpretive Specialist, Thomas Carroll, really wowed the crowd with some games, songs, and a presentation on the railroad history of early Los Angeles and LASHP in its original incarnation as the Southern Pacific River Station. As, if that weren’t enough, Thomas followed it all up with a sunset marshmallow roast! Attendance at our campfires has been slowly growing and the next Campfire on September 19th promises to be the biggest and best of all.

Everybody say power point!
Everybody say power point!
Now for a little railroad history
Now for a little railroad history
Big finish - marshmallows for everyone!
Big finish - marshmallows for everyone!

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