Caught a glimpse of this spider the other mourning in front our office at the north end of the park. Can anyone chime in with the correct name for this arachnid? Thanks very much!

Sunset Campfire Wrap up

Many thanks to all the people who were able to attend our last Summer Sunset Campfire for the 2010 season. We had a great turnout of eager participants who sang songs, learned about the Los Angeles River, and of course munched on many a roasted marshmallow. Campfires will resume in April of 2011, but until then keep checking the blog for other fun upcoming events.

The campfire begins

Playing a game of Name That Animal!

Passing out marshmallows

Roasting marshmallows over the campfire

California Fuchsia, a friendly wildflower

The California Fuchsia plant

As some park users may have noticed, along with 150 trees that were planted at the north end the park, we also planted numerous native wild flowers and low-lying sage scrub. One of these new plantings being, the California Fuchsia. The California Fuchsia plant is willowherb and is native to California. If you are looking to attract hummingbirds and bees to your garden but also wish to plant a native plant, than look no further than the California Fuchsia.
the beautiful bright flower of the California Fuchsia

A Hummingbird searches for her next California Fuchsia plant

Prior to planting, hummingbirds were nearly nonexistent here at the north end of the park, after planting we see at least three a day. Since they are native, they require very little water and are very tolerant of heat. If you have any questions about plants at L.A. State Historic Park, feel free to call the Park Interpretive Specialist at (three two three) 441-8819.
A bee gathers nectar from a California Fuchsia

Dog Of The Week

Brandy the Cocker Spaniel
Brandy the Cocker Spaniel

After far too long, we return with a new dog of the week. The winner for this week is…..Brandy! He is a 12 year old American Cocker Spaniel, who can found being walked early in the mourning at L.A. State Historic Park. He may be an older dog, but it is his walks in the park that keep him sprightly and mobile.
Brandy limbering up

FYF Fest This Saturday

FYF Fest this Saturday, tix $30, doors open at noon

This Saturday, September 4th, Los Angeles State Historic Park will host, for a second year in a row, the FYF Fest. Tickets are $30 and doors open at noon. With over 30 bands performing, there seems to be something for everyone. There will be lots of food trucks with plenty of vegetarian and vegan options, as well a meat based dishes. If you are on the fence, here are some bands that we are excited about seeing.
Magic Kids
Best Coast
Ariel Pink
Panda Bear

Our Next Sunset Campfire, 3 Weeks From Today!

Our next Sunset Campfire on Sept. 18 at 6:30pm here at LASHP

Well as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end, or in the case a seven month hiatus. Yes indeed, come out September 18th at 6:30pm for our last Summer Sunset Campfire of the 2010 season. Not to worry though because Sunset Campfires will return in April 2011, but until then, make sure you come out to our final campfire for the 2010 season to satiate your need for local history and roasted marshmallows.

Like always we will be meeting in the center of Los Angeles State Historic Park at 6:30pm. Feel free to come early and bring a picnic dinner to enjoy in the park prior to the start of the campfire. We will sing songs, learn about the nature and history that surrounds us and of course we will be roasting marshmallows. If you have any questions email Thomas at tcarroll@parks.ca.gov or give him a call at (three two three) 441-8819. And of course, this event to free and fun for the whole family.

Sunset Campfire!

One week from today, we will be having our August Sunset Campfire and its shaping up to be tons of fun for the whole family. Our archeological dig is still in full force, so we will be talking about that, singing songs, and of course, roasting marshmallows. So come out on August 21st, at 6:30pm, and meet in the center of the park. This event is free and open to the public and bring a picnic dinner along if you like. Contact Thomas at (three two three) 441-8819 with any questions. Hope to see you there.

North Spring Street Gets A Facelift

Cars travel south via one lane on the Spring street bridge

Upon arriving to work this morning, we noticed something different about North Spring Street. Crossing the bridge, heading towards downtown, we were relegated to one lane. Thinking that this may be related to the widening of North Spring Street and possibly the widening of the Spring Street Bridge, we went and talked to one of city workers sweeping up the street. What he told us was that they were reducing North Spring to one westbound lane in order to give room to workers to begin to widen the south side of North Spring.
City worker blasts off old street stripping on North Spring street

Although the lanes are being, what looks to be permanently restriped, he mentioned that it will only remain this way for three to four months as construction happens, moving back to two lanes in either direction, once the street widening is completed.
Van moves past LASHP utilizing the single southbound lane on N. Spring

One already beneficial outcome of this adjustment is the reduction in speed of motorists traveling westbound on North Spring. Unfortunately for cyclists, the already somewhat hairy stretch of North Spring has become even less bike friendly, either take the lane or ride directly in the gutter. For those bicyclists that may want a 1/2 mile of respite while traveling westbound, they may enter the park where Baker Street meets North Spring, granted you have to hop off your bike to go under the parking gate, but they then can ride through the park and exit at our main entrance which is a stones throw from the Chinatown Gold Line stop.

Arrows now tell users to merge into one lane heading west over Spring St bridge

As adjustments to North Spring Street move forward, we will be sure to keep you updated. Also if any readers have any more information feel free to leave a comment and enlighten us.

Birds at Los Angeles State Historic Park

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/14121925]
Wondering what birds may be found at Los Angeles State Historic Park? Look no further than this video to see a sampling of all the great birds that utilize our park. Birds included in the video are the Black Phoebe, the American Crow, Killdeer, Say’s Phoebe, Cliff Swallow and the Western kingbird. Any questions call Thomas at (three two three) 441-8819

The Train From “Inception” As Seen From LASHP

Some of you may remember a video of “train” that we posted 11 months ago. At that point we said that we weren’t sure what this was being used for, be it TV or a film. Now after the Christopher Nolan film “Inception” has been released, we realized that this was the train that is seen barreling through Downtown L.A. in the film. So here it is again moving past the park 11 months ago, enjoy!
[vimeo http://vimeo.com/6420012]

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