Inspired by the successes in public health, the Promotora model establishes a network of trained and trusted community leaders that share information about local resources. Promotoras, or community health workers, are local residents from surrounding neighborhoods who strengthen relationships to educate and advocate for community change. Specifically at LASHP, promotorx (adapted for inclusivity) are trained park advocates who serve as liaisons between their communities, local schools and this park. Los Angeles State Historic Park is community-committed. This park serves as a gateway experience to the greater California State Park system and hopes to connect with a diverse audience in a unique urban setting. Promotorx understand the nuances of LA’s experience and facilitate park activities with park staff that most connect with their communities interests in order to increase equal access to parks for all. You can join us on bi-monthly Thursday reunions where we share park happenings and offer training opportunities.

Click here to watch the Promotorx at our grand opening (April 22, 2017)!

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