Deer of the Week

If you happen to be familiar with the Asilomar State Beach & Conference Grounds, in Pacific Grove, this photo should make perfect sense to you:


And since we missed our LASHP Dog of the Week, due to training at Asilomar, it makes at least reasonable sense to us. The population of black-tailed deer in and around the Asilomar Grounds is so robust, in fact, that these harmless looking fellows actually pose a threat to another natural resource in the area.


That’s right, up in Monterey the deer are so plentiful and have such hearty appetites, that the endangered Menzies’ Wallflower must be placed in cages to protect its blooms, allow the plants to mature, and develop seeds.

Menzies' Wallflower at the Asilomar Dunes
Menzies' Wallflower at the Asilomar Dunes

While we don’t have this deer vs. wildflower conundrum in downtown Los Angeles, it just goes to show the tricky business of managing resources and fulfilling the State Parks Mission in all 279 California State Parks.

California Valentine

Gaviota State Beach

A little love from California State Parks…

Weather Over The Weekend

clear weather
sun rays

Your Stories #1

This memory comes to us from Keleigh, she writes

I have spent quite a bit of time in the park, but I must say that one of my most enjoyable days there was during summer. It was a beautiful day and I sat with my nearest and dearest as we watched the beautiful skyline of downtown and munched on juicy pomegranate. It is always pleasant at LASHP and I will be back.

Thanks for your thoughts Keleigh, and if you have a story to tell leave it as a comment on our “Your Stories” tab.

Downtown Weather

Today rain, tomorrow wildflowers

Rain in the park
Rain in the park
Arroyo Lupine
Arroyo Lupine

“Tornado Hits S.P. Yards”

“Freak Storm Does Damage Amid Shower of Rain and Hail”
Los Angeles Times January 13, 1937

Looking south  towards City Hall
Looking south from the future site of LASHP towards City Hall

Sitting on the site of the former Southern Pacific Rail yard – in a modular building, during inclement weather, and in front of a row of corn – we enjoyed revisiting this tidbit from the LA times thanks to Mike Davis “at precisely 3:10 p.m., residents along North Broadway were startled by a mysterious rumble which quickly increased to a roar. Looking skyward, terrified spectators saw the air filled with flying timber which had been picked up by a twister from the Southern Pacific freight yards. Some of the pieces were twenty-five feet long and as much as eight inches thick.”

Red-tailed Thursday

Red Tail Hawk
Red Tail Hawk

We spied this guy perched above the Anabolic Monument looking for his lunch.

Going Green

goinggreenn2It may not look like much at the moment, but Millie’s, known as Sam’s Lunch during the rail years, will be up and running again soon. Reincarnated for the 21st century, Millie’s burger stand will become Urban Green at LASHP. Gone are the days of burgers, chips, and soda. Instead, locally grown collard greens, kale, scallions, cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers are but a sampling of ingredients that will make up Urban Green’s innovative and delicious vegetarian cuisine. So keep an eye on that little white building…

Dog of the Week #1


Here is Baloo, Los Angeles State Historic Park’s first Dog of the Week. Any canine patron who is a good citizen and keeps his or her leash on is a likely candidate for dog of the week.

Puppy Love

The north end of the parkA terrific perk of being stationed at the LASHP modular, aside from a one-in-a-million view of the downtown skyline, is watching the daily parade of canines that loop past our front window. Particular favorites – two Weimaraner pups that take a morning jog with their person, and no less than six enthusiastic tail-waggers handled in an amazingly orderly and well mannered fashion by their walker. The other afternoon, during a quick stroll through the marigolds, we met a grinning wire-haired fox terrier whom we were assured relishes his daily visits.

We love to see so many happy dogs and their people enjoying the park. And while we’re certain that your dog is always considerate and well behaved, others have been known to get carried away when allowed too much freedom by their people. Recently, we were notified by a concerned park user that endangered migratory birds Vesper and Savannah Sparrows were disturbed by dogs running off-leash through the north end of the park. While LASHP is designated as an historic park, protection of natural resources, for the enjoyment of visitors and a preservation of a healthy environment, is a primary concern of California State Parks. That is why you’ll often see our Rangers giving friendly warnings, and ticketing if necessary, to enforce the leash policy at the park.

To ensure the vitality of park habitat, your safety, your pet’s safety and that of fellow park patrons, please remember to keep your dogs on leash – and when passing the LASHP office be sure to wave hello to our Rangers and park staff!

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