Street Food Cinema: Fight Club Movie Night

July 2, 2017 5:30 pm-11:00 pm

**This is a ticketed event**

An insomniac office worker, looking for a way to change his life, crosses paths with a devil-may-care soap maker, forming an underground fight club that evolves into something much, much more…

2 hours 19 minutes

Cash bar available. No outside alcohol permitted at this location.

Music: George Sarah

Chinatown Fit Club

FREE!! Join API Forward Movement every Wednesday at the LASHP’s orange groves at 6:00 pm for group exercises! Health enthusiasts at any level of expertise are welcome!

Senior Walk from El Pueblo to LASHP

Did you know El Pueblo Historical Monument (aka Olvera St) was once a CA State Park? Join us for a nice stroll from the Gateway to Nature store at El Pueblo to LA State Historic Park. It is approximately 1-mile.

Park Champions Volunteer Work Day

*RSVP with Park Champions*

This workday is short & sweet so we can avoid the heat. In partnership with LA River State Park Partners, this workday will focus on habitat restoration, especially invasive plant removal. Ages 8+ welcome with legal guardian.

DisclosureFest and California State Parks Present The Mass Meditation Initiative

DisclosureFest and California State Parks Present The Mass Meditation Initiative

June 17, 2017

Global Mass Meditation with Live Stream at 2pm PDT, Speakers, Workshops, Yoga, Music
– Free from 10am – 6pm PDT

Los Angeles, CA – DisclosureFest and California State Parks present the Mass Meditation Initiative on June 17, 2017 at the Los Angeles State Historic Park, 1245 North Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012. Organizers expect over 3000 people to meditate simultaneously at the event and globally through a live stream at The mass meditation event will also feature internationally renowned speakers, workshop leaders, yoga teachers, sound healers, live music, 100% vegan food, and conscious products and services. The event is free and open to the public, visit to get your free tickets here.

DisclosureFest founder Adrian Vallera notes, “Our goal is to create an educational based platform that will unite like-minded people in an effort to raise consciousness in health and wellness and to create awareness of global environmental and humanitarian initiatives. The collective consciousness on earth is undergoing a mass awakening and there has been a continuous flood of energy pouring onto our planet. As we tap into a cosmic intelligence, it’s evident that more people are taking action in a ‘service to others’ role to improve all life on earth.” He continues, “Through a series of festivals and volunteer based actions, we have been working to create a global connection by helping people understand the power of intention through meditation, and this has shown to have an exponential effect on a local and global scale. We want to help others discover a lifestyle path that is healthy, spiritual, enlightened, and loving.”

Jeremy A. Cohen, co-founder of DisclosureFest says “We are working with researchers, authors, organizations and changemakers to help disseminate information on optimal health and the latest science and technology breakthroughs. By organizing mass meditations beginning here in Los Angeles and live streaming throughout the world, we aim to positively impact the future for humanity.”

Noted leaders at the mass mediation event include founder of RA MA Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology Guru Jagat, Laura Eisenhower, a global alchemist, cosmic mythologist and intuitive astrologist (and Ike’s granddaughter), world renowned neurobehavioral physiologist and teacher of cellular rejuvenation, whole brain function and the life food diet Dr. David Jubb, YogaWorks Vinyasa flow teacher Kali Alexander, meditation teacher and founding Spiritual Director of Full Circle Venice Ben Decker, quantum healer Meg Benedicte, Roswell native and documentarian Jose Escamilla, light alchemist Richard Yiap, spiritual regressionist Sian Chau, world renowned Ayuerveda expert Martha Soffer, near death experience survivor and healer Mas Sajady, mindfulness meditation teacher and life coach Ora Nadrich, RA MA Institute’s Kundalini yoga teachers Harmanjot and Shabadpreet, oneness healer and mystic Debra Apsara, Tantric yogi Stanley Stephen Huntsman, renowned herbalist Julie James, UFO summoner Robert Bingham, Transmission Meditation speaker Jon McNab, Transcendental Meditation speaker Jesse Berkowitz, and sound healing performances by Helane Marie Anderson, Mari – the Fragrance of Sound, and Alex Young.

The day will also be full of healing music and sound provided by psychedelic pop duo Dynasty Electrik, the meditative multi-sensory journey of Spirit Musique, mantra rockers Sukha, the musical alchemy of Singing Bear, acoustic soul of Clayton Joseph Scott, and the pop grooves of Robot Nature, plus live sets from DJs Platinum K., Meliss FX, J. Gabriel, Jason Tyler, and DJ Woof.

In addition to the mass meditation event, DisclosureFest hosts monthly opportunities for conscious earth stewards to volunteer for beach cleanups with Heal the Bay, tree plantings with Tree People and much more. In fact, their May events are this coming weekend on May 20 and 21. Volunteer signups are at:

DisclosureFest is so proud to be working with sponsors of The Mass Meditation Initiative including: California State Parks, YogaWorks,, RA MA Institute, Ocean Conservancy, Follow Your Heart, LA Weekly, Whole Life Times, Mystic Journey, Aztlan Athletics, and the Whisky A Go Go.

The founders of DisclosureFest are Adrian Vallera, and Jeremy A. Cohen. Adrian, a native Angeleno, began his career in the music industry over 20 years ago producing large events promoting bands such as Linkin Park, Hoobastank, and System Of A Down among others to become VP of A&R at Sony and Elektra Records. A passionate UFO researcher, truth seeker and light healer, Adrian has been conducting free crystal healing work for over 25 years and lives a conscious and high vibratory lifestyle. Jeremy is a graphic artist and new media producer based in Los Angeles, CA with over 18 years of experience in web development, video production and motion graphics. He has devoted years to the research and exploration of energy healing modalities, holistic therapies and anti-aging medicine designing touch points for health institutes, retreat centers, and nonprofit organizations.

DisclosureFest’s The Mass Mediation Initiative promises to be a beautiful day of healing for the soul and the earth in the heart of LA at the 32 acre Los Angeles State Historic Park. For more info and free tickets please visit



Park Beautification Volunteer Day

“If you love your park, you got to do something for your park.”  Park staff are working hard to keep LASHP beautiful, clean, and safe. Join us at the Welcome Pavilion (building closest to Metro Gold Line) at 8:30am for a community service opportunity. 1.5 hours

Senior Walk from El Pueblo to LASHP

Did you know El Pueblo Historical Monument (aka Olvera St) was once a CA State Park? Join us for a nice stroll from the Gateway to Nature store at El Pueblo to LA State Historic Park. It is approximately 1-mile.

Wild Art Group’s Hiking Podcast Launch Party (with a Campfire!)

Wild Art Group’s Hiking Podcast Launch Party (with a Campfire!)
June 4, 2017
6pm – 8:30pm
Los Angeles State Historic Park

Download the podcast to a portable listening device (your cell phone) and join us at the park!

Inspired by the National Park’s Service 100th Anniversary and a hike-preventing injury, Allison M Keating teamed up with experimental composer and podcast creator Justin Asher to bring you Wild Art Group’s first podcast. Hiking Podcast are hikes best taken in the mind’s eye.

Close your eyes and listen. While you lose your body, your mind will traverse a desert dream hike led by Allison. Encounter trails and peaks, mine-shafts and birds, ALIENS. Consider your health, stillness vs. motion, the migration of artists to The West, human expansion, the dichotomy of the National Park System, nudity.

Join Wild Art Group at the Hiking Podcast Launch Party to enjoy a picnic at dusk with hiking snacks and a CAMPFIRE to roast marshmallows, all within the cozy city limits of Los Angeles.

To listen to Wild Art Group’s Hiking Podcast you must have a device that can stream or download podcasts. Hiking Podcast will be available to stream on the Wild Art Group’s website for free on June 4.

Tips for a great podcast launch party:
Download the podcast while you are around wifi to avoid using your data at the park.
Bring your earphones!  (Really, it is much better listening with earphones.)
Bring a picnic blanket or camp chair.
Bring a friend.

Los Angeles State Historic Park
1245 N Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90012
We will be located near the spiral lookout ramp.

Hiking Podcast is appropriate for children 13+.

This project was supported in part by The National Endowment for the Arts, The National Park Service, and Machine Project.  Special thanks goes to Joshua Tree National Park, Los Angeles State Historic Park, and Machine Project.

Eat|See|Hear Outdoor Movie: Friday

**This is a ticketed event**

June 3 @ 5:30 pm11:00 pm

 “Bye, Felicia.”

Two homies, Smokey and Craig, smoke a dope dealer’s weed and try to figure a way to get the $200 they owe to the dealer by 10 p.m. that same night. In that time, they smoke more weed and get jacked and shot at in a drive-by.

TIME: Doors 5:30, Music 7:00, Movie 8:30

MUSICAL GUEST: Magic Bronson

Magic Bronson is comprised of Michael Nicastro and Matthew Lieberman.The two say they will never write the same song twice. Drawing from a large well of influences but never latching onto one sound or style the two spend a large majority of their time locked away in their studio.

Ask Magic Bronson what kind of music they make and they’ll tell you, “We honestly don’t know.” And that’s the way they like it. Call their music what you will — synth, indie, alternative, or electronica — one thing is certain: their music is addictive.

More info at Website:


Monumento del compartir Por: Fruta Caída (David Burns y Austin Young)

Sí, tenemos una historia. Es una hermosa historia y… bueno, para nosotros es “bonita”.

Mi infancia se destaca cuando pienso en el barrio.

Nosotros vinimos a este país por la necesidad de una vida mejor.

Como todos los inmigrantes llegamos sin nada. Las personas nos ayudaron con alimentos.

Ahora que hemos estado aquí por mucho tiempo, nosotros compartimos con personas necesitadas.

Cada uno aquí es diferente en su propia manera. Mi familia es de México.

Mis hijos vivieron sus vidas aquí y siempre compartieron con nuestra comunidad.

Realmente compartir es simplemente tiempo, convivir o tomarse el tiempo para hacer algo con los demás.

Si tú le das a alguien una manzana, estás compartiendo con ellos.

Compartir significa que estás haciendo feliz a alguien.

Hay siempre una mujer en el estacionamiento. Algunas veces le digo hola y le doy algo. Sé que ella no la tiene fácil.

Compartir… es una expresión de amor, mostrando cuánto deseas conectar.

Yo comparto mi vida con  mis hijos, todo lo que aprendo, todo lo que hago.

Tenemos una gran cosecha en nuestra cultura. Adoramos todo lo que viene de la tierra.

Mi familia es de Vietnam y ellos llegaron aquí durante la guerra.

Me gusta que aquí es tranquilo y hermoso, todos son agradables y amistosos.

Mi familia hace algo donde nosotros tenemos un montón de fruta y la ponemos en un altar.

Siempre es seguro aquí.  Todos se conocen. Nosotros solíamos tomar naranjas que encontrábamos flotando en el río.

Yo como una naranja con mi amigo y la dividimos, la partimos a la mitad.

Yo crecí en El Savador. Nací en Belice. Soy de Corea.

Es importante estar alrededor  de diferentes tipos de personas. Es importante sentir  la naturaleza y tener espacio para respirar.

Toda mi vida he necesitado estar en un área de mezclas que estuviera abierta a diferentes culturas como ésta.

Me mudé aquí del  Noroeste. Cuanta  más gente conozco, más me siento conectado.

Yo hago un muy buen pay de manzana. ¿Tú y yo? Compartamos un pay.

Soy Guatemalteco. Mi familia hace higos caramelizados. Los ponemos en el horno y salen dulces y crujientes.

He estado aquí  por 28 años, de Canton. Mi esposa y yo recolectamos jujubes ayer.

En la cultura China, son buenos para condimentar  porque son dulces.

Compartir es supervivencia para todos. Compartir es esencial para la vida –Es cómo conoces nuevos amigos.

Yo nací en Michoacán. He estado aquí por 56 años.

Yo comparto mi árbol de limón. Quienquiera uno, vaya por él. Es para todos, no sólo para mí. Cuando me vaya  de aquí, éste se quedará.

Compartir es como el amor. Mi más grande felicidad es asegurarme de que alguien más sea cuidado.
Cuando estoy comiendo algo,  lo único que lo hace saber  grandioso, es decirle a la persona junto a mí… “¿Gustas?”.

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