A Beautiful Summer Day


Los Angeles State Historic Park is a great place to enjoy a picnic on a hot summer day! Come down and see the beauty for yourselves!

Stay tuned for a post on our awesome events held here at the park this month!

Ofrenda Viewing

2011 Ofrenda
Flowers that have been placed on the ground
Skull Candles on The "Altar"
2011 Ofrenda @ LASHP

From November 2nd- November 7th The Anabolic Monument will be host to a public viewing of the Ofrenda that they built in the park. The word Ofrenda translates to offering and it is set up to celebrate and honor ancestors. For those interested please stop by to celebrate and view the Ofrenda of the Day Of The Dead, or Dia De Los Muertos. We have stopped by a few times and it is absolutely stunning. Above you can see our images from our viewings this year, and below we have one image of last years Ofrenda. For more information you can email Olivia- chumacero13@gmail.com

2010 Ofrenda

Your Weekly Polaroid

Growing California Poppy

Busy Bugs


Worker Bee

With all of the blooming going on in the park, many bugs are hard at work. Today we spotted busy bees pollinating and Ladybugs eating aphids. Here are some photographs of what we saw!

Your Weekly Polaroid

“Hummingbird Sage”

The Lupines Have Come Early This Year

Rain clouds blanket the Downtown skyline

With all the rain we have received over the past few days, it seemed like a prime opportunity to see what new plants may be gracing our park. A short hike through the park revealed one of our favorite wildflowers has already started to bloom, the Arroyo Lupine! Although the Lupines have not fully developed; it fun to imagine the sea of purple that will blanket our park come March. So if you are jonesing for some wildflowers, now you know where to start.
Rain drops on the leaves of an Arroyo Lupine

An early bud of the Arroyo Lupine flower

A cluster of Arroyo Lupines.

California Fuchsia, a friendly wildflower

The California Fuchsia plant

As some park users may have noticed, along with 150 trees that were planted at the north end the park, we also planted numerous native wild flowers and low-lying sage scrub. One of these new plantings being, the California Fuchsia. The California Fuchsia plant is willowherb and is native to California. If you are looking to attract hummingbirds and bees to your garden but also wish to plant a native plant, than look no further than the California Fuchsia.
the beautiful bright flower of the California Fuchsia

A Hummingbird searches for her next California Fuchsia plant

Prior to planting, hummingbirds were nearly nonexistent here at the north end of the park, after planting we see at least three a day. Since they are native, they require very little water and are very tolerant of heat. If you have any questions about plants at L.A. State Historic Park, feel free to call the Park Interpretive Specialist at (three two three) 441-8819.
A bee gathers nectar from a California Fuchsia

Purple Owl’s Clover

An Owl's Clover growing behind our office.

Well it seems that the Purple Owl’s Clover has pulled through this wildflower season, popping up in an unlikely place, the ADA ramp leading to our office. You can imagine our excitement when we noticed our new neighbor coming into work the other day.

The Purple Owl’s Clover is native to Southern California and can be found growing in altitudes up to 3000 feet. It gets its name from its small white buds, that many think resembles an owl’s face (pictured below). While walking around LASHP you will have to keep focused when searching for this wildflower; we only found one other, much smaller, example this season.

The owl face hidden in the Purple Owl's Clover.

Our First Poppies Have Arrived!

The day has finally arrived! We have our first California Poppies blooming here in our park and we can’t be more excited to house our state flower. Don’t forget that we have a wildflower hike coming up here at the park on March 20th at 2:00pm and you can bet that this flower will be a stop on the tour.

Flower Fact: Although it is called the California Poppy it can be found throughout the Western United States and Northern Mexico, from Washington south to Baja California and all the way over to New Mexico.

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