Summer Sunset Campfire!



We at Los Angeles State Historic Park will be having our last Summer Sunset Campfire of the year on September 24th 2011. We will be joined by The Children’s Nature Institute for an extraordinary campfire program complete with live animals! We will watch the live animal show and roast marshmallows while learning about Los Angeles.

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Golf balls or Mushrooms?

Dog Of The Week


Meet Lulu. Lulu is a 13 year old pitbull who has been in Los Angeles all of her life. She is a very sweet dog who is full of energy despite her age. Thanks for wearing your leash Lulu and we hope to see you soon.

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Watch Our Garden Grow

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Fava Beans

Name That Bird

Name That Bird

Help us out by naming this bird!

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Lady Say's

Park User Submission: Say’s Stink Bug

Say's Bug

We have another submission from our friend Lisa who took this amazing photo on her iPhone last week. She captured this shot near the entrance to the park. She not only shared this photo but also filled us in on what type of bug it is. Lisa told us this is a Say’s Stink Bug, which is also known as Chlorochroa sayi from the Pentatomidae family. Up close it is about 1/2″ in length. Though it isn’t yet spring, this species is actually common in summer gardens. Glands near the hind legs produce an acrid vapor that discourages predators. Thanks again Lisa, for sharing your photo and knowledge. Hope to see you in the park again soon!

Hawk Sighting


Many great things come from having the Gold Line run adjacent to our park. One perk is the light posts that line the track and serve as perfect perches for hawks. Yesterday I spotted a hawk as it scoured the park for something to eat. This hawk may be in luck. I also spotted a killdeer in the park yesterday.

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