Ofrenda Viewing

2011 Ofrenda
Flowers that have been placed on the ground
Skull Candles on The "Altar"
2011 Ofrenda @ LASHP

From November 2nd- November 7th The Anabolic Monument will be host to a public viewing of the Ofrenda that they built in the park. The word Ofrenda translates to offering and it is set up to celebrate and honor ancestors. For those interested please stop by to celebrate and view the Ofrenda of the Day Of The Dead, or Dia De Los Muertos. We have stopped by a few times and it is absolutely stunning. Above you can see our images from our viewings this year, and below we have one image of last years Ofrenda. For more information you can email Olivia- chumacero13@gmail.com

2010 Ofrenda

Summer Sunset Campfire Recap

Saturday marked the last of our campfires for this season and we went out with a bang. We were joined by The Children’s Nature Institute. The Children’s Nature Institute was kind enough to bring critters, plants and skeletons along with them. We learned about milk snakes, lizards, cockroaches and more. We also roasted marshmallows and watched the sunset. We would like to thank all those who came out to the park to help us have a fantastic campfire. We would also like to give a special thank you to Kate Heller from the Children’s Nature Institute and her group of wonderful volunteers from Pepperdine! To donate to The Children’s Nature Institute please click here.

Here are some of our photos from the fun night:

Thank you to The Children's Nature Institute
A Milk Snake
Madagascar Cockroach
Madagascar Cockroach
Passing Out The Marshmallows
A Gecko
A Scorpion
Learning About Los Angeles Wildlife

People Of The Park

Briar, Tim, Rodney and Anton



Briar and Anton

Tim and Briar are frequent park visitors and today they brought their friends Rodney and Anton. Briar, who is almost 3 and Anton, who is 7 months, had a great time flying a kite on this perfect kite day! They were very sweet as they played together, hugging and singing their A,B,C’s. Thanks for visiting today and we hope to see all of you here soon!

Dogs Of The Week

Monster and Joplin

Meet Monster and Joplin. Monster is a 7 year old Parti Pomeranian and Joplin is a 10 year old Ridgeback mix. These two buddies were enjoying a walk in the park with their owners on this chilly and peaceful park day. Thank you for visiting the park you two, and thank you as always, for wearing your leashes!

Spreading Holiday Cheer

What better back drop for a holiday card than Los Angeles State Historic Park? We couldn’t agree more. Thanks to Tim for sharing his family’s holiday card.

Busy Week at LASHP


This past week has been full of activity between preparations for the FYF Fest and a Congressional send off rally in support of health care reform by Organizing for America and Health Access Foundation California that brought hundreds of supporters, and a few protesters, to the park on Thursday. After a week of 100 degree plus temperatures and blankets of smoke from the Station Fire, the weather turned perfect for this event offering a surprisingly cool and pleasant evening. Whatever side of the debate you may be on, I think we can all agree that it’s great to see a peaceful gathering with more than enough room for differing points of view.




*No fingers were harmed at this event

People of the Park #1

Here at Los Angeles State Historic Park, there is a constant influx of individuals, each with their own interests and stories. As a part of being a historic park, we are interested in actively searching out and preserving current histories unfolding in Los Angeles and more specifically here in the park. For the first post in this series we spoke with artist Eric Merrell, who was painting in the park when we approached him.

Eric Merrell Painting at LASHP
Eric Merrell Painting at LASHP

Eric is an artist based in Rosemead, and he prefers to work on location when starting a painting. In order to get the interplay of light, shawdows and colors correct and then his finishes his pieces in his studio. He mentioned that this was his first time visiting the park and really liked the light on the bluff just north of the park. The bluff, concurrent with an open view corridor up to Elysian Park and Solano Canyon, is a significant feature of the historic landscape that comprises and surrounds LASHP. We hope that Eric will be back and we look forward to continuing to meet new people here at Los Angeles State Historic Park. Check out Eric’s website, here, with some lovely landscapes and a set of historic Adobes, including Pio Pico’s home in Whittier, yet another of our Los Angeles Sector Historic Parks.

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