A Beautiful Summer Day


Los Angeles State Historic Park is a great place to enjoy a picnic on a hot summer day! Come down and see the beauty for yourselves!

Stay tuned for a post on our awesome events held here at the park this month!

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Name That Bird

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Park User Submission: Botanical

African Daisy

Here at LASHP we are excited to begin accepting more photos and information from park users like you! Here is a photograph of an african daisy, submitted by park visitor Lisa. She informed us that the daisy is an invasive species that is also known as Dimorphotheca aurantiaca from the Asteraceae family. This photograph taken by Lisa was shot on an iphone using a macro lens.

We have seen these beautiful, but pesky, invasive plants in the park for sometime. With 2″-4″ flowers, at a distance they can often be mistaken for the California Poppy. But these are not native, and tend to be a bit darker orange than the poppy. And unlike the native poppy, african daisies range in color, from orange, to purple and pink.

Thank you for this wonderful submission Lisa, and we look forward to others to come.

The Bugs Are Back In Town





The ladybug population in the park comes in cycles and it looks as though it is picking up. Naturally, when the plants bloom, the ladybugs appear, but not before the aphids. I spotted more than five ladybugs on a short walk around the park today. Not only that, but it seems to be mating season, so we expect to have many more in the park soon! If you are visiting us at LASHP, take a moment to see how many you can count!

An Evolving Landscape

The area in front of our LASHP office has gone through a series of interesting changes since we moved in back in November 2008. We started out with pretty much nothing but a view of the skyline. Seeing that the front yard could use a little love, our neighbors from Metabolic Studio/Farmlab stepped up by planting some deer grass and then seeding the front with a wildflower mix. The result was a lovely, if slightly surreal array, of large, colorful sunflowers dotted with native California poppy and arroyo lupine.

June 2009

By the following spring, we realized with dismay, that invasive African daisies had hitched a ride in the previous season’s wildflower mix and were taking over, crowding out our native poppies and lupine. So we went to battle, eradicating the pests in preparation for Earth Day and a new palette of native trees and vegetation.

Arroyo Lupine loosing ground to the invaders
Earth Day 2010 - April

The plan was to get a head start on the final park design which envisions the northern end, where we’re located, as natural habitat and future connecting point with the Los Angeles River. Less than a year later, our tiny trees have come along way. And though we still find ourselves pulling the occasional African daisy, we’re pleased with how our new plants are coming along. White sage, deer grass, fushia, toyon, ceonothus, and more have taken root, and while we haven’t been without set-backs, namely loosing a lot of sage to over-watering (an unfortunate combination of heavy rainfall and irrigation) we see the garden as a successful work in progress. Stay tuned to learn more about native plants and watch our garden grow.

Volunteers planting our Earth Day saplings
Happy Trees - Autumn 2010
Native Plants - Winter 2011


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