Grand Opening, April 22, 2017

Los Angeles we are finally ready for you!

Please join us for the long-awaited Grand Opening of Los Angeles State Historic Park.

We are planning a day-long celebration of music, performance, family-friendly activities and food trucks.

The park is easily accessible by the Chinatown Gold Line Station or by bicycle.  Limited parking in the park.

Music Performers to be announced shortly.


More details to follow as the date approaches.  Please help us spread the word!


Park in Progress

The park is coming together! Here’s a sneak peek of spring blooms soldiering on despite daily construction and heavy equipment that still surrounds. look closely and you’ll see our Welcome Center hiding behind a vibrant coral tree and one of our new park benches next to a western red bud. The promenade at the park’s southern end looking towards downtown and the new Blossom Plaza is almost complete.

park macro 2
Park in Progress park macro 4

Ofrenda Viewing

2011 Ofrenda
Flowers that have been placed on the ground
Skull Candles on The "Altar"
2011 Ofrenda @ LASHP

From November 2nd- November 7th The Anabolic Monument will be host to a public viewing of the Ofrenda that they built in the park. The word Ofrenda translates to offering and it is set up to celebrate and honor ancestors. For those interested please stop by to celebrate and view the Ofrenda of the Day Of The Dead, or Dia De Los Muertos. We have stopped by a few times and it is absolutely stunning. Above you can see our images from our viewings this year, and below we have one image of last years Ofrenda. For more information you can email Olivia-

2010 Ofrenda

Uncovering The Past

Beginning to Uncover the Past

Visitors to Los Angeles State Historic Park (LASHP) often wonder what exactly makes our park historical. This is due to the fact that most of our material history is underground. This past week, State Park archaeologists have been at LASHP uncovering some of that history.

The Dig Begins

In 1875, the Southern Pacific Railroad made its way into what is now downtown Los Angeles, connecting the city to the transcontinental railroad in the north. The property chosen for the new passenger depot and yard was located in what is now the middle section of the park and was considered far from the existing town center at the time. 4 years later, in 1879, passenger traffic had increased to the extent that a hotel was constructed next to the depot, offering weary travelers a respite with a “parlor sitting room” and restaurant serving quick “25 minute meals.”

The Entrance of the Hotel

This past week State archaeologists uncovered the foundation of the hotel and what was once the ice house for the rail yard. Based on their current excavation, we now know that the ice house walls went much further down than originally thought. It appears the ice was kept cool below ground in something much like a basement. They also located what they believe to be a hotel water closet, based on terra cotta and metal piping that was found.

The Hotel

Here are a few photos documenting the dig and illustrating how the layers of history within our park continue to reveal hidden stories about the park and the city’s past.

Foundations of Rooms at the Hotel
The Hotel
The Ice House

L.A. Conservation Corps Turns 25

L.A. Conservation Corps

April 29th, LASHP was the site of a very special day for LACC. They joined us at the park to celebrate their 25th year of service in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Conservation Corps is the largest non-profit urban conservation corp in the nation. The organization provides education and work experience for at-risk and school aged youth in local environmental and conservation projects. The event was a wonderful celebration of the success of the Corps and the dedication of its young members working to improve their communities professional opportunities. Click the link to view LACC’s slideshow of images from the wonderful day!

Here are a few of our own.

Fava Bean Harvest

If you’ve visited and walked around the northern end of the park recently, you may have noticed an interesting plant growing in the Anabolic Garden. The plants look like this:

Fava Bean Plant

Fava Bean Pod

These interesting looking plants are Fava Beans. They were planted by our friends at Farmlab who put these plants in the park because they are full of soil enriching elements, especially nitrogen. The Anabolic garden, as farmlab calls it, is a “compost monument”, meaning that the primary goal of this growth is to give the nutrients back to the soil. On Tuesday April 26th we had a huge fava bean harvest in the park. It was a fun day of fava picking and there were loads to be shared. Fava Beans, also know as “Vicia Faba” are native to African and Asia. The beans are typically eaten in Egyptian, Greek and Indian dishes, but on the 26th bags of beans were collected to be eaten in Los Angeles. They can be eaten raw after de-podding them and taking each individual shell off of each bean. It is labor intensive, but well worth the work. Here are some of our images from a fun day of harvesting with friends.

Sean Woods- Superintendent
A group of Harvesters
The End Result

Outdoor Film Fest

Outdoor Film Fest

We are happy to announce that Los Angeles State Historic Park will kick off the summer event season by welcoming the Outdoor Film Festival for another series of movie nights! The cinematic celebration begins May 28th. Check their website for up-to-date lists of films and dates. See you there!

Earth Day!

Earth Day is just around the corner and we are gearing up for our huge two day celebration. We will be joined this year by The William C. Velasquez Institute for a campfire program and camp-out in the park. To register for the event click on the link and join us for an urban outdoor experience.

Earth Day!

Outdoor Cinema Food Fest Returns!

We are excited to welcome back the Outdoor Cinema Food Fest to L.A. State Historic Park this coming Saturday (October 30th). For their second installment here at LASHP, they bring us “Zombieland,” just in time for Halloween. Same time schedule as last time; with doors opening at 5:30pm, bands at 6:30pm and the film starting at 8:00pm. Tickets are $8. Don’t worry about dinner; they got you covered. Along with movies and music, there will be eight different food trucks to satiate the hungriest of appetites (which ones to be announced on Monday).

If you missed the last screening, you may be wondering, “last time I was at the park, I don’t remember seeing any sort of large scale screen?” Well don’t worry, they are bringing a 50ft. blow up screen that they will erect for ample movie watching, that will be setup with the Downtown skyline in the distance. The only thing you really need to bring is a blanket. For more info,
click here.

Sunset Campfire Wrap up

Many thanks to all the people who were able to attend our last Summer Sunset Campfire for the 2010 season. We had a great turnout of eager participants who sang songs, learned about the Los Angeles River, and of course munched on many a roasted marshmallow. Campfires will resume in April of 2011, but until then keep checking the blog for other fun upcoming events.

The campfire begins

Playing a game of Name That Animal!

Passing out marshmallows

Roasting marshmallows over the campfire

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