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Grand Opening, April 22, 2017

Los Angeles we are finally ready for you!

Please join us for the long-awaited Grand Opening of Los Angeles State Historic Park.

We are planning a day-long celebration of music, performance, family-friendly activities and food trucks.

The park is easily accessible by the Chinatown Gold Line Station or by bicycle.  Limited parking in the park.

Music Performers to be announced shortly.


More details to follow as the date approaches.  Please help us spread the word!

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Ofrenda Viewing

2011 Ofrenda

Flowers that have been placed on the ground

Skull Candles on The "Altar"

2011 Ofrenda @ LASHP

From November 2nd- November 7th The Anabolic Monument will be host to a public viewing of the Ofrenda that they built in the park. The word Ofrenda translates to offering and it is set up to celebrate and honor ancestors. For those interested please stop by to celebrate and view the Ofrenda of the Day Of The Dead, or Dia De Los Muertos. We have stopped by a few times and it is absolutely stunning. Above you can see our images from our viewings this year, and below we have one image of last years Ofrenda. For more information you can email Olivia-

2010 Ofrenda

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L.A. Conservation Corps Turns 25

L.A. Conservation Corps

April 29th, LASHP was the site of a very special day for LACC. They joined us at the park to celebrate their 25th year of service in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Conservation Corps is the largest non-profit urban conservation corp in the nation. The organization provides education and work experience for at-risk and school aged youth in local environmental and conservation projects. The event was a wonderful celebration of the success of the Corps and the dedication of its young members working to improve their communities professional opportunities. Click the link to view LACC’s slideshow of images from the wonderful day!

Here are a few of our own.

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Park User Submission: Botanical

African Daisy

Here at LASHP we are excited to begin accepting more photos and information from park users like you! Here is a photograph of an african daisy, submitted by park visitor Lisa. She informed us that the daisy is an invasive species that is also known as Dimorphotheca aurantiaca from the Asteraceae family. This photograph taken by Lisa was shot on an iphone using a macro lens.

We have seen these beautiful, but pesky, invasive plants in the park for sometime. With 2″-4″ flowers, at a distance they can often be mistaken for the California Poppy. But these are not native, and tend to be a bit darker orange than the poppy. And unlike the native poppy, african daisies range in color, from orange, to purple and pink.

Thank you for this wonderful submission Lisa, and we look forward to others to come.

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Your Stories #1

This memory comes to us from Keleigh, she writes

I have spent quite a bit of time in the park, but I must say that one of my most enjoyable days there was during summer. It was a beautiful day and I sat with my nearest and dearest as we watched the beautiful skyline of downtown and munched on juicy pomegranate. It is always pleasant at LASHP and I will be back.

Thanks for your thoughts Keleigh, and if you have a story to tell leave it as a comment on our “Your Stories” tab.

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