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Park in Progress

The park is coming together! Here’s a sneak peek of spring blooms soldiering on despite daily construction and heavy equipment that still surrounds. look closely and you’ll see our Welcome Center hiding behind a vibrant coral tree and one of our new park benches next to a western red bud. The promenade at the park’s southern end looking towards downtown and the new Blossom Plaza is almost complete.

park macro 2
Park in Progress park macro 4

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All in a day’s work

Here are some of our favorite moments at LASHP lately.





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A Beautiful Summer Day


Los Angeles State Historic Park is a great place to enjoy a picnic on a hot summer day! Come down and see the beauty for yourselves!

Stay tuned for a post on our awesome events held here at the park this month!

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Island Bush Poppy Blooming Downtown

Bush Island Poppy

Island Bush Poppy

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The Adventures of “Hawk Finn”

If you have spent time at Los Angeles State Historic Park lately chances are you have seen our resident Hawk. This hawk, whom we have happily named “Hawk Finn”, is an adventurous and well fed hawk. Hawk Finn feeds in the park on critters and flies low, giving visitors a front row seat to the dining show. If you see Hawk Finn in the park grab your cameras fast, he usually moves about fairly rapidly.hawk-pola

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Ofrenda Viewing

2011 Ofrenda

Flowers that have been placed on the ground

Skull Candles on The "Altar"

2011 Ofrenda @ LASHP

From November 2nd- November 7th The Anabolic Monument will be host to a public viewing of the Ofrenda that they built in the park. The word Ofrenda translates to offering and it is set up to celebrate and honor ancestors. For those interested please stop by to celebrate and view the Ofrenda of the Day Of The Dead, or Dia De Los Muertos. We have stopped by a few times and it is absolutely stunning. Above you can see our images from our viewings this year, and below we have one image of last years Ofrenda. For more information you can email Olivia-

2010 Ofrenda

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Your Weekly Park Polaroid

Ofrenda Marigolds

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Summer Sunset Campfire Recap

Saturday marked the last of our campfires for this season and we went out with a bang. We were joined by The Children’s Nature Institute. The Children’s Nature Institute was kind enough to bring critters, plants and skeletons along with them. We learned about milk snakes, lizards, cockroaches and more. We also roasted marshmallows and watched the sunset. We would like to thank all those who came out to the park to help us have a fantastic campfire. We would also like to give a special thank you to Kate Heller from the Children’s Nature Institute and her group of wonderful volunteers from Pepperdine! To donate to The Children’s Nature Institute please click here.

Here are some of our photos from the fun night:

Thank you to The Children's Nature Institute

A Milk Snake

Madagascar Cockroach

Madagascar Cockroach

Passing Out The Marshmallows

A Gecko

A Scorpion

Learning About Los Angeles Wildlife

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Your Weekly Park Polaroid


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Uncovering The Past

Beginning to Uncover the Past

Visitors to Los Angeles State Historic Park (LASHP) often wonder what exactly makes our park historical. This is due to the fact that most of our material history is underground. This past week, State Park archaeologists have been at LASHP uncovering some of that history.

The Dig Begins

In 1875, the Southern Pacific Railroad made its way into what is now downtown Los Angeles, connecting the city to the transcontinental railroad in the north. The property chosen for the new passenger depot and yard was located in what is now the middle section of the park and was considered far from the existing town center at the time. 4 years later, in 1879, passenger traffic had increased to the extent that a hotel was constructed next to the depot, offering weary travelers a respite with a “parlor sitting room” and restaurant serving quick “25 minute meals.”

The Entrance of the Hotel

This past week State archaeologists uncovered the foundation of the hotel and what was once the ice house for the rail yard. Based on their current excavation, we now know that the ice house walls went much further down than originally thought. It appears the ice was kept cool below ground in something much like a basement. They also located what they believe to be a hotel water closet, based on terra cotta and metal piping that was found.

The Hotel

Here are a few photos documenting the dig and illustrating how the layers of history within our park continue to reveal hidden stories about the park and the city’s past.

Foundations of Rooms at the Hotel

The Hotel

The Ice House

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