A Monument To Sharing by Fallen Fruit (David Burns and Austin Young)

A Monument To Sharing 

by Fallen Fruit (David Burns and Austin Young)

Yes, I have a story. It’s a beautiful story and a… Well to us it’s “bonita.”

My childhood stands out when i think about the neighborhood.

We came to this country out of necessity for a better life.

Like all immigrants we arrived with nothing. People helped us with food.

Now that we’ve been here for so long, we share with people in need.

Everyone here is different in their own way. My family is from mexico.

My Kids lived their lives here and always shared with our community.

Sharing is really just time, spending time or taking time to do something with others.

If you give someone an orange, you are sharing with them.

Sharing means you are making someone happy.

There is a woman always by the parking lot. Sometimes I say hi and give her something. I know she has it kinda rough.

Sharing… is an expression of love, showing how much you want to connect.

I share my life with my kids, everything I learn, everything I do.

We have a big harvest in our culture. We worship anything that comes from the ground.

My family is from Vietnam and they came here during the war.

I like that it’s quiet and beautiful here, everyone is nice and friendly.

My family does this thing where we get a bunch of fruit and we put it into a shrine.

It’s always safe here. Everyone knows each other. We used to get oranges we would find floating down the river.

I eat an orange with my friend and we split it, cut it in half.

I grew up in El Salvador.  I was born in Belize. I’m from Korea.

It is important to be around different types of people. It is important to experience nature and have room to breathe.

My whole life I needed to be in a melting pot area that was open to different cultures like this.

I moved here from the Northwest. The more people I meet, the more I feel connected.

I make a really good apple pie. you and I?  Share a pie together.

I’m Guatemalan. My family makes caramelized figs. Put them in the oven and they come out sweet and crunchy.

I’ve been here 28 years, from Canton. My wife and I gathered Jujubee yesterday.

In Chinese culture, they are good for flavoring because they’re sweet.

Sharing is survival for everybody. Sharing is essential to life –it’s how you meet new friends.

I was born in Michoacán. I’ve been here for 56 years.

I share my lemon tree. Whoever wants one, go for it. It’s for everyone, not just for me. When I leave here, it will stay.

Sharing is like love my greatest happiness is making sure someone else is taken care of.

When i’m eating something the only thing that makes it taste the epitome of awesome, is to say to the person next to me… “here.”

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