We found these two sweet dogs happily running through our sprinklers today. The are extremely friendly and are probably missed by their owner. Please help us spread the word and get these sweet doggies home! They are currently at the North Central Animal Shelter located at 3201 Lacy St. Los Angeles  CA 90031 . 


  1. anyone know what happened to the dogs????? they kill them at the shelter i wish u could have held on to them longer 🙁

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  2. Hello Susan,
    Thank you for your interest in these sweet doggies. When you bring them to North Central they are on hold for five days. In those five days the only way they can leave the shelter is if the owners picked them up. Two days after we dropped them off they were no longer in the system which in this case is excellent news. These happy dogs found their way home.

    Happy New Year,


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