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After a challenging 2 years of budget cuts and frozen bond projects, California State Parks is ready to move forward and resume the planning process at Los Angeles State Historic Park. New designs will be unveiled at a public meeting on December 9, 2010 as State Parks prepares to deliver on its much anticipated promise to construct a fully activated 32 acre park in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.

Over the past several years State Parks has engaged the local community in an extensive series of public meetings and planning workshops during which they shared their visions for the park’s future. Given the current economic climate, new plans reflect this vision through a more modest design and realistic approach to park development. State Parks will utilize currently available funding for the project and work within parameters that are not reliant on outside funding or philanthropic dollars. A phased approach to park development will offer a baseline build out of the full 32 acres, laying the groundwork for future funding opportunities.

At this December 9th public meeting, the community will see a revised version of the park phase I plan. They will see a welcome station pavilion, grand promenade, an interpretative play area, an archeological display site that highlights the former railroad roundhouse on the site, an amphitheatre, a farmer’s market area, trails throughout the park, wetland areas, and green open spaces for multiple activities.


  1. What time will it be?

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  2. It will be from 7:00pm to 8:00pm; hope you can attend.

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  3. this is great news! i missed the dec. 9th meeting, but look forward to hearing more about the next phase. I jog regularly at the park, and though I am thrilled to have a public green space so close to home, there is certainly room for improvement at LASHP. It would be great too, if you could post more information or some links on how to get involved and learn about the developments.

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  4. Thanks for the comment Molly. We will try to keep you updated and informed!

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